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Perfect Brows – Tips and Tricks | Beauty

Getting your “brows on fleek” is a process that requires different products and tricks to define them. Remember, your eyebrows frame your face and can change your entire look. I’m no expert or make-up artist when it comes to this, but it definitely works for me and I was always one who would do nothing to my brows, now when I look at old photos, i’m like noooooo! Lol. Anyways here are the steps I take:

1. Tweeze your eyebrows.
2. Use the spooly brush from the Catrice eye brow pencil to comb your brows and shape them.
3. Comb your brows upwards and trim the longer hairs with the scissor to neaten your brows.
4. Once you happy with the shape, use Catrice Eye Brow pencil to gently fill in the gaps. My colour is 020 Date With Ash-ton.
5. After using the pencil, use an eyebrow powder with an angled eyebrow brush to once again fill in the gaps and it helps to set the pencil you’ve already added to make it last all day. I use the Essence eyebrow stylist set which has a darker shade and a lighter shade.
6. Now to keep your brows in place, use Catrice Fixing Brow Wax – I love it!
7. The last and final step is optional, but it really makes your brows pop! Using a concealer/ highlighter add some to your brow bone and anywhere where you want to make it stand out. I use MAC PREP + PRIME in Light Boost.

And there you have it! A few simple steps to getting your brows on fleek girllll!

Have a FAB Friday!

Bee FAB, Stay FAB xoxo

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