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Bronzed, Glowing Skin | Caribbean Tan

Hi Beauties!

There’s a product I’ve been obsessed with for very long, and since I started a blog, I thought why not share it with all of you! It’s a beauty secret and I know you’ll love it!

So even though I’m Portuguese, I don’t tan fast enough to get that beautiful summer tan. It takes me quite some time to build my tan in the summer and I have to spend long hours in the sun- which is not always advisable especially during our heat waves here in South Africa!

Now, you have this beautiful dress that shows a lot of skin, but you’re as white as milk- Not anymore thanks to Caribbean Tan! They have amazing self-tanners and different types, but the product I love most is their shimmer lotion which firstly gives you instant colour and secondly has a bit of glitter which gives you that perfect sun-kissed glow.

This product is amazing in that it’s quick and easy to apply and when you shower it comes off- it’s basically make-up for your whole body.

How I apply it:
1. You can use your hands, but I prefer to use a type of body mitt. I think it blends in better and your hands don’t get dirty, but either way it does not stain your hands, and after applying it, just wash your hands.
2. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes before you get dressed.

And that’s it! Easy! And you’ll be looking like a Golden Godess…

You’re Welcome!

Bee FAB, Stay FAB xoxo

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