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Mini essence Haul | Beauty

Hiiiiii Beauties!

It’s been waaay toooo long since I’ve posted. All thanks to Honours taking up my time ๐Ÿ™

But I’m back with a beauty haul!

I recently went to Dis-Chem and needed some more essence in my life!

The two nail polishes are beautiful subtle colours. The lilac one is in the colour 37 serendipity and the baby blue one is in the colour 63 itsy bitsy blue bikini. Looks stunning on the nails.
I then wanted to try the new velvet stick that everyone is raving about. The colour I got is 02 Peony Star. It’s such a beautiful muave shade and has a velvet matt finish. I personally love matt lipsticks, but my lips don’t agree because I have very dry lips, especially during winter. Although this is a matt lipstick, it has some moisture to it- bonus! The only downside to me is that you have to sharpen it… #lazyvibes 
Next purchase is an eyebrow gel and it is a 3 in 1 gel where you are able to fill in your brows, give them colour and keep them in shape. I first use a powder to fill in my brows and then I go in with this gel to give it the extra oomph it deserves ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Finally, some winged eyeliner! I would never really do a winged eyeliner look when doing my make-up, but now I can’t not do it. It really just adds to your make up look. What I love about this liquid eyeliner is that it’s waterproof and it is a super thin brush which gives you the precision you need. Absolutely love it! 
& there you have it, a quick essence haul! 
Bee FAB, Stay FAB

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