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Hi Beauties!

So instead of a make-up blog most- we going to talk about FRESH HANDMADE COSMETICS – LUSH! But more about their Bath Bombs which are AMAZING!

But first- a little bit about LUSH:
Their products are made from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. Their products are freshly handmade and they use little to no preservatives by using only vegetarian ingredients. Their products are also free from animal testing.

The first bath bomb I purchased was the “Sex Bomb”. It smelled as beautiful as it looked! It contains jasmine- clary sage and ylang ylang. These oils help you relax and make you feel good. The bath was a beautiful pink and you can watch the short video on it on my Instagram page fab_by_bee_blog. Take some time to yourself by having a little pamper session. Light some candles, run a hot bath and use this bath bomb for a guaranteed relaxed night- you’ll love it!

Sex Bomb:

After loving that first bath bomb, I then purchased a rather interesting one! It’s called “Intergalactic” and the name explains just that. It is so colourful and the featured ingredient is peppermint oil. Your baths are honestly not boring when you use bath bombs! There is still so many I want to try out and besides the bath bombs that I am obsessed with, they have a whole lot of other skincare products that are sure to cater to all your needs!


Here’s the link to their website  You can order online or find the nearest store to you 🙂

Happy shopping!

Bee FAB, Stay FAB!

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