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essence | Concealer Palette

Hi to all my FAB beauties!

Today on the blog we will be talking about the concealer palette by essence to colour correct your face.

I’ve already written about the LA Girl colour correcting concealers, which I still adore, but I must say that essence has a little handy palette with all the colours you would need to colour correct all your imperfections.

How cute??

1. Green: Neutralises any redness that you have on your face.
2. Pink: Brightens tired looking skin. I feel that it really just makes your skin brighter, making you look more awake. 
3 & 4. Beige: Covers imperfections on your face. I LOVE these two because they honestly cover every mark, pimple- you name it! 
5. Yellow: Conceals dark under eye shadows. Again, I suffer from dark under eye shadows- it literally looks like I got punched in both eyes when I have no make-up on. This definitely helps get rid of that blue/purple dark shadows under your eyes.
How I apply it:
After moisturizing my face, I just use my finger and rub the colour I need and apply it to the applicable areas. The beige and yellow are my most used colours. Don’t be afraid to cake it on 😀 
After application I just apply my foundation over it and finish off my make-up and voila!
Perfect, flawless skin thanks to essence!
Until next time *Blows Kiss*
Bee FAB, Stay FAB

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