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Bouncy Waves | L’OREAL | Hair

Hi beauties!

Today I want to talk about a product i’ve been using for a while and loving! It’s the L’OREAL Studio Line Hot & Curl spray…

So this is basically a curl creating spray that is designed to be used with curling tongs because it has a 230 degrees heat protection added to it. It gives you long lasting curls/waves (whichever you prefer more). And it controls frizz. Honestly, after using this you won’t even want to reach for your hairspray- if you do then I suggest using the L’OREAL Elnett Satin hairspray- Oldie but literally a goldie! This is my favourite hairspray and I don’t think I’d ever switch… (never say never…
When applying this hot & curl spray, I like to spray sections of my hair and then scrunch my hair as I go along. You can apply it before you curl your hair and then again after and scrunch for a messy, wavy look. 
You can purchase this at Dis-Chem.
Tadaaa- wavy hair with the added SnapChat filter 😉 
Until again my loves,
Mwah & Mwah (Portuguese kiss)
Bee FAB, Stay FAB

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