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My Christmas Wishlist/Gift Guide 2016

Hi Beauties!

So I decided to write up my personal Christmas wish list/ gift guide with gifts I already have and love and gifts I would love to receive 😉 *hint* and maybe you would love too and get some ideas for your lady friends, lady family members, guys for your girlfriend/fiancé / wife – if you are reading this- which I doubt haha!

1. Instax Mini 8:

(Image from

I mean how cute?? You snap your photo and it prints instantly! The price varies depending where you decide to buy it, but at Incredible Connection its R999.

Now before we go to number 2- this is my personal favourite even though I do not own one!
It’s not out in South Africa yet (Or is it?) so I’m thinking of maybe ordering it from overseas- it is the HP Sprocket!!!

(Image from

So instead of instantly printing your photo’s from lets say an Instax- you can print ANY photo, ANYTIME from your smartphone! You download the app and can add filters, text, borders and frames, etc.! It is portable so you can take it ANYWHERE with you and uses Zero Ink technology so you don’t add any ink cartridges- it is the special type of paper that works the magic. How awesome??

It is priced at about $130.

2. Activity Journal from Typo:

Such a clever idea! One photo every day for 365 days! This will especially be handy if you have an Instax or HP Sprocket & then you can print your photo’s and paste it and write notes. After the year you can look back on all your awesome memories.

3. 2017 Planner:

This is a need! & Typo always has the cutest one’s! Take a look at Forever New too! I like to keep organized and plan my days, so this definitely comes in handy.

4. Rose Gold Nomination Bracelet:

(Image from
I have this and absolutely love it! I enjoy wearing it plain, just the way it is. Such a beautiful gift. The price depends on how many links you will need for your wrist and if I’m not mistaken its about R20-R30 per link. Correct me if I’m wrong. You will find this at most jeweler stores.

5. Rose Gold Superga’s:

(Image from
I’m sure you can notice the rose gold trend here… (I’m a little obsessed). I’ve been eyeing this out for a while now and need to get it! For R1099- if she love’s rose gold- she will love this!
6. Urban Decay Naked Palette:
(Image from Urban Decay South Africa)
If you’re a make-up junkie then this is for you. R850 later and you’ll have long-lasting high quality, eyeshadows. And the packaging is just so pretty too (**,).
7. Chanel Chance Perfume:
(Image from
If you love a fresh scent- then this is for you! This is my ultimate favourite perfume- so fresh- perfect for summer! Do me a favour and go smell it if you haven’t. It’s life changing haha. You can find it at Edgars and the biggest bottle 100ml goes for about R1890.
8. Michael Kors Wonderlust Perfume:
(Image from Michael
So if you’re into the more sweeter and floral scent then this is the one! It’s a scent that you will definitely remember over the holidays and all the adventures you had. It’s true that certain smells remind you of certain memories and this will remind you of your Santorini holiday (even if you didn’t have one) ;).
9. Tiara Ring:
(Image from

How cute??? From Foschini this goes for R250 and would definitely be a special gift. Foschini has really amazing gift ideas. Have a look at the make-up bags at their stores- super cute & I love their handbags.

10. Colette by Colette Hayman Bag:

(Image from
If you don’t know this already- I love handbags!! ANY.TYPE. I actually have a problem and my family and friends know it. But there is so much different types of handbags in this world so how can you only have a few?? I didn’t want to be specific with this handbag so I just decided to pick one, but honestly go in store and find one that you’re in love with. Their wallets are stunning too and their jewellery. I love this baby/blush pink bucket bag because it is different to what I already have and super cute and girly.

Aaaand I think I should stop here! I could go on forever… I hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift guide and hopefully it gave you some ideas.

Happy Shopping!

Bee FAB, Stay FAB!

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