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They’re Real! Benefit Cosmetics Mascara | Beauty

Hi my beauties!

So finding a good mascara is important right? You look for one that is long-lasting, gives you volume and length and that beautiful curl.

And I found just the one! I bought the mini version that you can find at Edgars to first just try it out and be able to review it before I buy the actual size.

OH MY WORD! I am obsessed!!! It is the “They’re Real!” from Benefit Cosmetics.

How cute is their Mini versions? 
So the selling point for me was what is stated on the packaging of this little mascara.
It stated that:
* 94% saw dramatic length and volume
* 90% saw base-to-tip curl 
* 94% saw visible lift 
* 100% saw long-wearing results
This was obtained from a consumer panel survey. Now that’s what I call marketing! You’re communicating on the packaging everything the customer wants in a mascara. So I thought lets see if what they state is true.
And I can honestly say it is! So far I haven’t had such amazing results with other mascaras. The length is amazing. The curl and lift is true. And it is definitely long lasting and does not flake. I have to use make-up remover or coconut oil to remove this mascara because it doesn’t settle for just water. 
The thick and sparse bristles is what works the magic and you look like you have falsies on… Hmm that’s obviously why this Mascara is called “they’re Real!”. 
You won’t regret this purchase and if you want to try it first- then buy the mini version like I did. 
Bee FAB, Stay FAB

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