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Hi Dolls!

So I received a very special highlighter palette from the one and only Swiitch Beauty. It’s called the #GLOWGASMPALETTE- cool name right??
Where do I start? As soon as I received this baby, I was so excited to try it out and immediately did a few swatches and couldn’t believe how pigmented these highlighters are!
You know how normally you purchase a highlighter and it looks super pigmented but to your disappointment, it fails you and doesn’t last long? This #GLOWGASMPALETTE is long lasting and gives you that glow that can probably be seen from outter space. 
The palette contains 6 super pigmented highlighters. The one (Number 2) is a creamy highlighter and could actually be used as a base for the other highlighters. 
I decided to take a few swatch pictures for you:
With out the flash:
With the flash: 
Here’s the Swiitch Beauty website where you can shop online and purchase their other amazing products- 
The #GLOWGASMPALETTE is R450 which is a really good price considering that it’s first of all a big palette and you get 6 highlighters!
I am so so impressed and this is by far my favourite highlighters!
Follow them on Instagram and Facebook and get your orders in now as they sell super fast! 
Anyways, talk soon loves!
Bee FAB, Stay FAB!
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