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Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes + Mascara

Hey beauties,

Today I’ll be sharing some information on a product that I received and never knew about. ๐Ÿ™‚ 
It’s mascara, but not any mascara- It’s 3D fiber lashes.
Basically fibers are attached to your lashes and it gives that effect that you have falsies on- but you really don’t.
I was so excited to use this product, I literally tried it the next day after receiving it and used it again and again.
In the box you get two “mascaras”. One is the transplanting gel and the other is the 3D fibers. How you apply it is so simple. You first apply the transplanting gel from the middle of your lashes to the tip. Make sure your lashes don’t have any other mascara and is clean and dry. You then apply the 3D fibers while the transplanting gel is still wet– so you need to be quick. And then once you’ve applied the 3D fibers- you seal it again with the transplanting gel. 
Make sure you always seal your lashes with the transplanting gel. You can repeat the steps over and over again until you have the desired effect. To remove the fibers you simply just use your regular face wash and water.
I think this product is amazing! My lashes look fuller and longer and I can’t believe I never knew about this product. 
A before and after: 
Thanks Rubybox and Brinea for this awesome product! 
This sells for R340.00 and you can purchase it on 
That’s me for now ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Talk soon.
Bee FAB, Stay FAB!
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