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Avene Hydrance Optimale

Hi beauties!

Today lets talk about a healthy glow. 
I received this product from Rubybox and could not wait to test it out!
Basically what the Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating skin tone perfector does is;
* It hydrates your skin
* It protects your skin thanks to the SPF 30 in it
* It contains  mineral pigments and illuminating pearlescent pigments that instantly correct your skin tone imperefections
Let me just add- when you first apply it- it seems waaay darker then your skin tone and kind of looked orange on me. BUT do not fear because magically it adjusts to your skin tone and blends in perfectly. Funny enough, when you do apply this- it doesn’t seem too moisturising, but once it’s on, it has a very dewy effect which is perfect for my dry winter skin! Your skin does feel moisturized and soft. The pigments give you a subtle coverage and glow. This is perfect for all my ladies who don’t want to wear foundation everyday, but want their imperfections covered. 
Here is a before and after. You can see that most my imperfections are blurred out and my skin looks healthier. BUT this doesn’t provide much coverage, so what you can do is apply this and then conceal your problem areas with your concealer.
Straight after applying it:
After concealer and finishing off my make-up: 
This is my go-to for everyday wear, when foundation is just a no-no. 
Anyways beauties, talk soon!
Bee FAB, Stay FAB 
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