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NYX Butter Gloss

Hello beauties,

And an official welcome to my new blog! It took a bit of time to figure it all out, but I believe it was definitely worth it! 🙂

Today I want to talk about NYX lippies that I’ve been LOVING! Especially during winter. These are the NYX Intense butter gloss and butter gloss lippies.

Here’s a swatch of the colours I have (so far hehe).

From left to right we have:
1. Berry Strudel (Intense)
2. Ginger Snap
3. Banana Split (Intense)
4. Apple Strudel
5. Tiramisu

How cute are their names?? Definitely made me a lil hungry here.

Let’s start with the INTENSE butter gloss. These are labelled that just because they are really intense and “BAM IN YOUR FACE”. I love them because they are super pigmented and very rich and moisturizing. The Berry Strudel is definitely a colour not everyone would go for- being a bold purple, but I think it looks absolutely stunning, especially during winter. Pair it with a plain eye and you’re good to go. I have to be honest though, Banana Split is a beautiful bright orange, perfect for spring and summer- but I don’t think it suits me all that much.

If you’re looking for bold colours then I suggest you try the Intense Butter Gloss.

Next up is Ginger Snap- a stunning brown- perfect for winter and very moisturizing. I love brown lips during the winter time! Apple Strudel is a beautiful, fresh pinky colour that just adds that perfect touch. And Tiramisu ( Who loves this dessert?? I definitely do!) is a lovely nude that goes with everything and completes your make-up look. Definitely my go-to colour.

I purchased mine at Clicks and the Intense butter gloss range retails for R124.95 and the normal butter gloss range for R119.95. Definitely worth the price I must add.

Will be purchasing more colours 🙂

That’s me for now…

Hope you like the new look and feel of my blog.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts 🙂

Bee FAB, Stay FAB

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