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Axe Daily Fragrance Range

Hey beauties,

So this blog post is for all the men in your life. What’s better than your man smelling divine?? Ahhh can I just say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE men cologne! If I could, I’d probably use it too… I mean no one will know?? It could just be a super fresh lady perfume you know…

Anyways back to the reason why I’m actually writing this blog post. Rubybox sent me something for the man in my life (lucky fiancé) on behalf of – Get all the special men in your life to sign up and they could receive free grooming products to test and review.  So this review is not my opinion, but rather opinions from my fiance and his friends that he shared the Axe fragrance with.

Axe has a new daily fragrance range and there are three different scents in this range. Namely, Axe Signature, Axe Urban and Axe Adrenalin.

I got sent three of the signatures, one of the urban and one of the adrenalin. My fiancé decided to keep the Signature and share the others with his friends. He shared the other 2 signatures with both of my cousins, the urban with his friend and the adrenalin with my brother.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

The Axe Signature is oud wood with a hint of vanilla, layered with juicy mandarin and spicy black pepper. A irresistibly smooth scent. My fiancé and both cousins LOVE the smell of this fragrance. They couldn’t believe how potent it was and super long-lasting. They said they will definitely purchase it again and they can use it anytime, anywhere. A winner for sure.

Next we have AXE Urban which is warm tobacco and amber refreshed with lemon and lime. It has a smokey sweet scent. His friend likes it, but stated that he prefers the other two scents way more. This one doesn’t seem as potent. All the other guys agreed too. So not the most liked out of the range- but that’s just their opinion.

And finally AXE Adrenalin is iced musk with a hint of spicy ginger powered up with red pepper and juicy fig. It is a sharp, fresh scent that keeps you energized. My brother loves this scent and says it honestly lasts all day. He couldn’t choose between this one and Signature. He has used Axe many times before, but nothing comes close to this new range. Fragrance in a can that lasts all day?? Yes please!

You can purchase these at Clicks for R89.95. So affordable for cologne in a can. A fragrance that you can use everyday without breaking the bank.

They all play indoor soccer every Monday and Wednesday- so this definitely comes in handy!

Check out Manbox here and sign up –  

Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies, don’t forget to spoil your man with Axe, I mean you’ll benefit too because all you’ll want to do is be around him all day!

Ciao for now…

Bee FAB, Stay FAB



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