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My Favourite International YouTubers

Helllooooo from the other sidddddeeee ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey babes!

How about a lifestyle post? I think yes!

Today I want to tell you about my favourite YouTubers. In my spare time when i’m not blogging- I LOVE watching all kinds of videos on YouTube. There are so many YouTubers that I really love watching, but I’ll try and narrow it down for the purpose of this post. Here goes…

  1. Nicole Guerriero

She is one of the very first beauty gurus I started watching on YouTube. Ahh this girl makes my life, she is so funny and super talented with make-up. All her make-up looks are on point and you need to check out her Halloween looks- insane! I love that she is who she is and is honest and straight up with her viewers. Recently she started vlogging everyday and it gets super addictive.

2. Carli Bybel

This is Nicole’s bestie. I love when they feature in each others vlogs. Carli is absolutely stunning and her make up has talent written all over it. She has such a beautiful personality (not that I know her personally- I wish!) and her style is also so flawless!

3. KathleenLights

I only discovered her about 2 years ago and became a subscriber instantly! Kathleen seems like your down to earth, girl next door. She has such a sense of humour and is also super talented when it comes to make-up. All her videos are always interesting to watch and I love her cuban accent!

4. Ylette

This is Kathleen’s sister. I discovered her through watching Kathleen’s YouTube videos. I love her videos because she is herself with her 2 adorable children. Her makeup is stunning as well and once you start watching her videos, you feel part of the family!

5. Zoella

Ahh Zoella is just the cutest YouTuber ever. Based in London, I love watching all her videos. From her vlogs to her beauty related channel. She just seems to be a ball of fun and I would love to meet her in person! One thing I must add is that her Christmas vlogs are thee best! She really brings out the Christmas spirit.

6. Sazan Hendrix

Another beautiful YouTuber. I started watching her videos a while ago before I started my blog. I got so inspired by her blog series and that’s why I started my blog. She is also so very talented and has made a name for herself. I’ll never forget last year, I commented on one of her posts thanking her for the blogging advice, and she replied back!! Life was made hehe.

7. Jess Conte

She is also one of the more recent YouTubers that I discovered. Aaah you need to watch her vlog channel with her hubby Gabriel. They are the cutest couple! Once I started watching their videos, I couldn’t stop!!

Ok I’m going to end it here… I could go on forever- but maybe i’ll add a second part to this?

If you love watching YouTubers and didn’t know about these babes, I suggest you check them out. Don’t get too addicted ๐Ÿ™‚

Ciao for now

Bee FAB, Stay FAB


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