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What’s in my bag?

Hey beauties

I don’t know about you, but I love reading blogs or watching YouTube videos where girls let us know what they carry in their bag. Maybe it’s because I want to see if I can relate and carry the same things too?

This definitely changes for me though. When I have a big bag, I tend to carry a lot more stuff that I don’t actually need and when I have a small cross body, I only carry the necessities.

So let’s jump right into this post…

I love handbags and have quite a few, so I decided to feature the bag I’ve been using everyday recently and that’s this one from Collete.

I love this beautiful grey colour- it goes with every outfit. The shape of this bag is so stunning and the size is not too big, yet not to small either.

Ok now to empty out the bag…

  1. Iphone

I mean of course we all have our phones in our bags.. but wait.. actually does this count? Because I tend to always have my phone in my hand anyway? Lol

  1. Wallet

This is my main wallet that I’ve been using. It’s from Woolworths and has featured on my Instagram. I love this wallet because it’s carries a lot! The blush pink and gold is what actually caught my eye.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

This is a necessity. I cannot, and I mean CANNOT live without my hand sanitizer. Call me a germ freak- I’m ok with that. I just can’t imagine eating at a restaurant without sanitizing my hands. It’s happened though and everyone around me is like “Calm down”- so I always make sure to ask the waiter for some hand wipes in times like these. If you’re looking for a hand sanitizer that doesn’t smell like a hospital then I suggest you try this one from OH so Heavenly. Hand cream is a necessity too during these dry winter months.

  1. Lip balm/ Lip Gloss

This is also a must! I can’t stand when my lips are dry. Especially during winter. In this bag I’m carrying my Rimmel Oh my gloss! Along with some lipbalm.

  1. My spectacles

Guess who can’t see? This girl! Lol. Ok I’m not too bad.. but I need my glasses when working on the computer and driving at night.

  1. Earphones

I carry these with me so that I can obviously listen to music that will brighten my day, but also to listen to the random voice notes I receive while in the office.

  1. Painkillers

Yes, you just never know when you going to have that occasional headache or a little someone will be paying you a visit this month. Panando’s in my opinion don’t really work that well for me. Myprodol works magic!

  1. Fragrance

You need to smell good on the go. Normally I carry a mini sized perfume. But ever since I received this Impulse fragrance from Rubybox, I’ve been carrying it with me.


  1. Random sweets from Tashas

There’s always some kind of sweets in my bag after being at a restaurant. And these are courtesy of my friend Micaela who insisted I take them- Thanks Micks haha


  1. Car keys

I mean duh haha

11. Gum

You know… 

That’s me for now. What do you ladies carry in your handbag? Will be interesting to know. 

Have a FAB one!
Bee FAB,Stay FAB!


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