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Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar Experience

Hey beauties

I was lucky enough to take part in an amazing campaign! Rubybox needed 4 bloggers from Capetown, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria. It’s a Benefit Cosmetics campaign, all about their brow bar! So here’s what happened…

Being based in Pretoria, I was invited to go to Menlyn Park shopping mall. Their Benefit Cosmetics is inside Edgars. I was greeted by the lovely Bonolo who works for Benefit Cosmetics. First things first, you need to sign your life away (just kidding). You are given a form to read and it asks you a few questions like when last you’ve had a chemical peel treatment and if you’re on Accutane etc. etc. – just to make sure your skin isn’t sensitive and will be able to handle the wax. You also give them permission to wax and style your eyebrows and in the unlikely event of your skin having a bad reaction to the products for example.

After you have signed, the fun begins! Bonolo asked me what style I’d like. I went for the Bold and Angular look. She then started off by removing my makeup around my brows to ensure she is working on clean skin. She tested the wax on the palm of my hand to ensure that it is warm and not hot and tested it on herself too.

And then the waxing began! Let me just say, waxing is normally painful right? I don’t know if it was the type of wax or she just has magical gentle hands, but it wasn’t sore at all! I felt very comfortable and couldn’t wait to see the end result!

After the waxing, it was time to style my brows. She used the “KA BROW” in the colour 4. I’ve always wanted to buy this product and never got the chance to. So when she started to apply it I couldn’t wait to see if it’s really that amazing like everyone says it is. And yes it is AMAZING! And yes I did purchase it .You can expect a blog post on it soon!

After that she set my brows with the “Ready, Set, Brow!” and used the “High Brow Glow” to highlight my brow bones. I also wanted more of an arched brow and she gave me just that! The highlight also defines your brows and gives it that “lift”.

After my brows were styled and set she used a foundation in my colour and reapplied it to the areas where my makeup was removed around my brows. It also hid away the redness which is a bonus. I loved the end result and couldn’t wait to take a million selfies!

And to make my experience better?? I received a little gift from Benefit Cosmetics with amazing goodies! Can’t wait to blog about those 🙂

Don’t forgets to visit to get a complimentary voucher to wax and style your brows! Valued at R145!!

Watch my video here. Receive your complimentary voucher here.

Bee FAB, Stay FAB


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