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Kérastase Launch Event

Hey my beauties,

So as you know or may not know… I attended my first ever launch event with Kérastase. I decided I should let you know all about the new Kérastase range and how the event went.

Firstly, Kérastase launched the new Reflection Chromatique range which has:
· Anti-deposit effect against environmental particles, including water particles.
· Sublimes hair texture and preserves shimmering radiance
· Prolongs colour up to 40 days

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And now introducing an amazing add on to this range the Reflection Touche Chromatique. This is the first personalized colour correcting ink-in-care for colour-treated hair. #MeMyColourMyCare

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It’s a retail and technique product which you mix into a mask. What it does:
· Colour Correction
· Even chromatic irregularities
· Revive shimmering reflects
· Replump and sublime hair touch
· Reveal glazed shine

There are 4 tailored-made shades for personalized colour correction at home or in salon.
These are:

Mix 10 drops of Touche Chromatique with 15ml of fondant or Masque Chromatique. Apply on clean damp hair. Leave on for 5 min and rinse thoroughly.
You can read more about the whole new range here.

So onto my experience…
This event took place at Daville Baillie Gallery. I was so nervous to attend this event alone as I knew no one, but then I thought you know what? It’s all about networking and meeting new people. I was so excited and as I arrived I was greeted by the amazing Digital and PR coordinator- Khumo. I was welcomed with some champagne (winning) and that helped the nerves too haha. It was decorated beautifully and so fancy if I must add.

I looked around and it seemed that everyone knew eachother. So I whipped out my phone and started taking some photos for my Instagram stories and this blog post. 

Eventually looking around the room I recognized one of my favourite South African Youtubers- Sammy. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here. I decided to walk up to her and introduce myself and let me just say she is the cutest! Such a lovely person and felt like I knew her for ages. We then decided to explore around and there was a “spin and win” wheel and I won hair oil and hairspray. I’ll be blogging about these goodies soon.

There was also such a nice photo booth so we took some photos as you can see below.

The marketers then presented about this new range and got us all excited about the products! Afterwards, Sammy and I recognized other South African YouTubers which we LOVE and couldn’t wait to meet them. We met the beautiful Hayleigh, Jessica and Minky. They were so friendly and lovely to us. It was so nice chatting to them and getting advice from them. 

I’ll link their YouTube and Instagram below so that you can subscribe and follow them.
We took a few photos together and made awesome memories.

All of these lovely ladies made my first event and amazing experience and definitely one to remember. Needless to say I made amazing YouTube friends.



Insta- @beautybysammy97

YouTube- Here


Insta- @haylsworld

YouTube- Here


Insta- @minky_pink

YouTube- Here


Insta- @jessica_vanheerden

YouTube- Here

Such a fun and amazing experience. Thank you to Kérastase for the invite. And the amazing goodie bag! Expect a review soon with all the products I received.

Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies!
Bee FAB, Stay FAB xoxo

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