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My Beauty HORROR Story

Hi lovelies

Today I’m bring you a really different post. Something to laugh at now, but definitely not back then haha.

This is my beauty horror story- Brows gone wrong!

Before we get into it, here’s how my brows look without any make up. You’ll see what happened as you read.

So I don’t know about you guys but once in a while I like going to a beauty salon to get my brows waxed and shaped and then when the hairs start growing back, I’ll just tweeze them. Anyways, this all happened in 2015- ONE WEEK before my 21st!

I decided that I wanted to get my brows on fleek for my 21st and made a booking a week before. I won’t mention the place or the lady (no name and shame here). At this beauty salon, I got to know one of the beauty therapists and she knew exactly how I like my brows and NEVER disappointed me, so I made sure I always booked with her. Upon arrival, they told me that she is still busy with a client, but a different beauty therapist can help me- I wanted to say no (I should’ve), but at the same time I thought what if I wait here for so long?

So I said ok no problem, I mean what’s the worst that could happen right? She was very friendly and I explained that I just want to neaten my brows and give it a bit of shape, but I don’t want her to thin them out. She agreed and started to wax.

It was taking some time and she kept on tweezing and tweezing after waxing and I didn’t know why she is taking so long- normally with my trusted beauty therapist, it’s so quick. She then asked if I want her to tint my brows (which I hardly ever do), but I thought ok no problem.

When she was done she kept saying “oh wow” my brows look so amazing and as I walked to the mirror I got the shock of my life!

I thought ok no wait, let me pay and have a good look when I’m in the car, but my heart was racing. Got into the car and guess what? My eyebrows were THIN, BADLY shaped and basically half of my one eyebrow was missing!

I rushed home (crying) showed my mom and she couldn’t believe a qualified therapist could do such thing? She wanted to take me back and said I should complain, but at that moment I didn’t want to because it’s not like she could stick my eyebrows back. Now coming to think of it I could’ve always microbladed some brows.

I couldn’t believe this happened to me a week before my 21st! I felt so self-conscious and back then I never really used to fill my brows and do what I do now. So that’s when I really started filling my brows with makeup and tried to fix it.

Here’s a few photos just to prove that this beauty horror story is legit. My friends and family know all about it haha.

You can clearly see a HUGE chunk is missing from the start of my brow. My eyes looked so far apart!

And this is when my brows started growing awkwardly lol. Atleast they grew. (Sorry for the bad image quality).

Needless to say I now have MAJOR trust issues when seeing a different beauty therapist, and I always tell them this story so that they make sure they don’t mess up my brows. Atleast Benefit’s Brow Bar knew what they were doing and I can say that I highly recommend you guys go to them. If you haven’t read about my Benefit Brow Bar experience, you can read it here.

Since that horrible experience, eyebrows have become so important to me. It really frames your whole face. Only once my brows are done, I feel like my makeup look is complete.

Oh and to top it all off, I would google “How to make your brows go fast” and there were girls who had the same experience as me and some people said their brows never grew back! Imagine! Thank goodness for micro blading then 🙂 I would also rub some coconut oil on my poor brows and massage them and I think it kinda worked.

So that’s my beauty horror story. Has this happened to you? What’s your beauty horror story? Comment below!

Anyways ladies, nothing some makeup can’t fix.

Brows on fleek now 😉

Have a lovely day and remember,

Bee FAB, Stay FAB


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