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Things I’ve Been Busy With

Hey Beauties,

So lately life has been just so hectic! And time is just going by I mean it’s nearly October! Here’s the thingsI’ve been busy with:

Full Time Job: 

So firstly I have a full time job as a Social Media and Marketing Officer and it has it’s perks- I mean social media! I’ve really learnt so much in the social media industry and really enjoy it. Having a social media presence is important for every brand these days and  there are many benefits to having an online presence.

Wedding Planner:

Then I’ve been a wedding planner for my wedding coming up next year (yes like Jlo LOL). There is still so much to do and a million little details that goes into everything. It’s stressful yet so much fun and I can not wait for the big day!


And after that I have my blog that needs content and managing my blogs social media accounts. My blog is really important to me and I’ve seen how in just this year alone, it’s grown so much, but it obviously needs the time and effort and I have all of you to thank. My blog has allowed me to work with amazing brands and network with amazing bloggers out there too. Let’s not forget about the events! Blogging has become such a passion and I look forward to creating lots of fresh and interesting content for you all.

…Something Exciting:

And then between all these things, I’m planning on starting something exciting. It will take a few months, but at the end I know it will be all worth it and I’m so excited to share it with you! Definitely designing the life I love.

So much to still accomplish this year- but it’s getting there. With time, patience and hard work- the results will be worth it!

What have you been busy with?

Talk soon!

Bee FAB, Stay FAB!


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