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NYX Contour Intuitive

Hi Beauties,

When I attended the Pro Beauty Expo last month, NYX was there and we all know how much I LOVE Nyx and to top it all of they had a 30% sale on all their products. Needless to say we had to wait in a long que to get into NYX, but it was definitely worth it.

When I was there, I didn’t really have something that I needed although I wanted everything. I came across this palette which I thought would be so useful and handy.

This palette comes with 6 brown, bronzy, gold and burgandy eyeshadows that go so well together and are perfect for any makeup look. It also has two highlighters which are so pigmented and it comes with a blush.

I think this palette is so handy and small enough to keep in your makeup bag whenever you want to touch up on the highlight or blush. It’s way better than carrying 3 separate eyeshadow, highlight and blush palettes.

Here are a few swatches for you:

So starting with the highlighters (this picture does it no justice), the top one is more of a gold/champagne colour and the bottom one has a natural pink tone to it which I LOVE!

The blush is the last swatch and it’s a beautiful peachy pink color, perfect with any look and for summer.

Now onto the eyeshadows (Order from top to bottom, left to right):

The first shade is a light beige which I normally use to highlight under my brows or to lighten the eyeshadow on my lids. The second one is a beautiful orange/rose gold color that makes my eyes pop. I love this colour and it is super pigmented too! The third shade is more of a camel shade and I normally use this shade all over my crease or as my transitioning shade. The 4th shade is a beautiful dark brown color that is perfect to apply on your crease. 5th shade is such a stunning burgundy, a color that I also LOVE using in my crease and you don’t have to wait for winter to use this colour. And last but not least, a stunning gold eyeshadow that I don’t really find as pigmented, but still stunning.

I love that this palette has a nice mix between your shimmery shadows and your matte shadows. Recently when I went away for the weekend, it was the palette I turned to as it is such a perfect travel size and has everything you need (minus the bronzer of course).

Let me know if you have this palette? 🙂

Will do a makeup look with this palette soon!

Bee FAB, Stay FAB


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