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Afri-Berry Sun Lotion

Hey Beauties!

A while ago I received some products from Afri-Berry and one of these products was an SPF 40 sunscreen.


Before we get into the review, I had never heard of Afri-Berry before and so I decided to do some research. Afri-Berry (such a cute name) was launched in 2011 and is a leading South African manufacturer of organic hair and skin repair product solutions that demonstrate a visible difference to the end user.

Now onto the review. This sunscreen firstly has a very plain smell (definitely organic). It’s smooth and lightweight and contains antioxidant-rich argan oil and vitamin A,C & E which hydrates and nourishes the skin. The sun lotion is also water resistant and helps protect your skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays. It also contains Omega 3,6 & 9 and is suitable for all ages and skin types.

I like to keep this in my bag whenever I feel like I should touch up with some sunscreen on my face. Especially now during the summer time! Because ladies we do not want to age early right?

Overall, it seems like a great product, being organic and it contains great ingredients for your skin. Afri-Berry can be purchased at Pick ‘n Pay stores and also if you click on this link here ,you will find a variety of distributors.

Keep a look out for more blog posts coming real soon 🙂

Talk again!

Bee FAB, Stay FAB



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