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Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour

Hey stunners,

So I received an amazing delivery from Rubybox and it was 12 liquid matte lipsticks from Rimmel. I was so excited when I received these and I am super grateful too! And I got 100% votes from you guys on my Insta Story to do a review, so here you go…

How beautiful?

And here are some swatches with their names:

With flash:

1. Latte To Go

2. Moca

3. Be My Baby

4. Blush

5. Pink Blink

6. Pink Bliss

7. Rose & Shine

8. Coral Sass

9.  Heartbeat

10. Fire Starter

11. Plum This Show

12. Midnight

Without flash:

So I won’t get into each and every shade, but I will say that I think all are absolutely stunning! The nude shades are my go to shades for an everyday subtle look, but I love the darker in-your-face colours for a more bold look.

Onto the review shall we?

So some of you who have been reading my blog ever since day one will know that I absolutely love how matte lips look, but they don’t do too well with me. My lips tend to get very dry, even if I apply all the Lip Ice or Vaseline in the world. And yes, before I do apply any matte lippie, I do exfoliate my lips (with a toothbrush) and keep them moisturized before application.

BUT there are certain matte lipsticks that do have a velvety finish, so they are not too drying. And these are just that.

I love the packaging of these lippies, nothing to fancy, but simple and elegant. Because it is a matte lipstick, the packaging does have a matte finish.

When I first applied this matte liquid lip, I must add that it dries very quickly, but it is lightweight on your lips and the colour is intense! Wow I was so shocked how pigmented each and every colour was. It is very comfortable to wear and I don’t feel like I have anything on my lips. As random as this is, it also has a very nice smell and “taste” to it- you know what I mean.

When I do feel like my lips are feeling abit dry, I just apply some Vaseline to my lips and I’m sorted. It’s weird because some days my lips will feel extremely dry and a matte lip will not work at all. And then other days my lips are so smooth and a matte lip works perfectly.

According to Rimmel, these lippies have an impressive staying power in that they are touch proof, water proof and kiss proof! Ah yaaas! BUT I will be putting these statements to the test so keep an eye out on my Instagram. It will be called the torture test 🙂

I am so impressed with these matte lippies! And i’ve already worn a few colours and they last super long! Not sure about 12 hrs though as stated… I think it depends from person to person. You can find these new lippies at Dischem and Clicks for R119.95 each.

Anyways babes, chat real soon!

Bee FAB, Stay FAB


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