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My spray tan experience | Caribbean Tan

Hello beauties!

Today I am so excited to share with you all my first ever professional spray tan experience with Caribbean Tan. So to start with, Caribbean Tan contacted me and other bloggers to receive a free professional spray tan in exchange for some content. Of course I said yes, because as some as you may remember, I LOVE Caribbean Tan and so far it’s the only spray tan brand that I trust.

The lovely Tania Vigaro came to my house (how nice!) and we started with the spray tan. Firstly, before you get a spray tan, you need to prep your skin the night before. Exfoliate and shave and then moisturise. Tania first set everything up and then we were good to go. You get a little hair net (as you can see) and then I wore a black bikini. She also applied vaseline on my nails and toe nails so that they don’t get stained. Also some vaseline under the hands and some cream on my elbows ( a really dry area).

And then onto the spraying… It’s has such a cool feel to it as she sprayed (so pleasant in the summer). Even though I have used Caribbean self tans before, there’s nothing like getting a professional one done as it is so even and she ensured that every bit of my pale skin was covered.

After the spray tan, you should just let it dry for 10 minutes and then put on loose, dark clothing. Your skin literally feels sticky and wet the whole day and you can only shower after 8 hrs. I was fine with it, because I was home all day, doing some spring cleaning and doing admin. I also chose to do it in the morning so that once the 8hrs were done, I was able to take a nice shower in the evening. The shower makes such a difference. It washes out the excess tan and really evens everything out.

(Excuse this bad photo of me haha)

I am so impressed and happy with my tan. It couldn’t come at a better time, being December and now I can wear my dresses and show off my bronzed skin. This spray tan can last up to a week or so if you look after it. I think it’s perfect if you have a special occasion coming up and need that bronze glow.

Here’s a before and after with no flash or filter.



You can contact Tania Vigaro on 072 434 5530. She is wonderful and made the whole experience awesome!

Also, I purchased this Caribbean Tan body butter at Dis-Chem. It smells so good and is so nourishing too. Also, it can extend the lifespan of your tan.

Let me know if you love Caribbean as much as I do! If you thinking of getting a professional spray tan- contact Tania 🙂 You won’t be disappointed.

Speak soon!

Bee FAB, Stay FAB!


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