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Shop FAB by bee

Launching Shop FAB by bee

Well hello there and welcome back to my blog. This is so exciting! The cat is finally out of the bag and I can share what I’ve been working on with all of you. YAAAASSS Queen!!

So as you know my blog has been FAB by bee for a while and what does it stand for? Fashion and Beauty (FAB) by me hehe. Basically I just came here to write about what I have launched and my future plans.

(Can you see the “A” in the crown of the logo? Just checking 😉 )

So firstly, I’ve been wanting to start my online store for a while now and let me just say that these things take time and don’t happen overnight. So after doing plenty of research, I knew I wanted to incorporate an online store to my blog and keep my brand as FAB by bee.

I thought ok, well what am I really passionate about- definitely fashion and beauty so how about I start my online business based on that. My trip to Italy wasn’t just for pleasure, it was for business too. I wanted to find trending new ideas that you either don’t get in South Africa or it is very limited.

If you know me you know I LOVE jewelry, makeup, handbags, shoes- everything a girl loves actually. The list can go on so I decided to start with jewelry first, the fashion side of things, but beautiful too.

More about the jewelry

From a very young age, I’ve just loved the look of created opal. When I was small I had a  opal bracelet that I bought in Portugal and a few years back I purchased a little created opal cross necklace. So many people complimented me and wanted one too, but sadly I told them I bought it overseas. I’ve always been fascinated with the look of opal and the cute shapes and realised how trendy it is overseas. I then thought, why not include it in my online business? The colours are beautiful and it just look so stunning on and suits different skin tones perfectly. The shapes I decided to launch are the elephants (I love elephants, if you don’t already know 🙂 ), crosses, hamsa hands and hearts. In the colours pink, white and blue.

I thought to myself, “this will be great, my blog was created around my passion for fashion and beauty, so my online store will be fashion and beauty items that I absolutely love!” You can view the jewelry <here>.

My plans for FAB by bee is to definitely launch more exciting products that I know you will love too. For now we will be taking baby steps, but I am so excited for whats to come and I hope you are too.

Click here to view our jewelry pieces – 

Lots of love xx

Bee FAB, Stay FAB

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