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Beat Dry Skin This Winter

Hello, beauties!

Today I’d like to share a few products that will keep your skin moisturised throughout our cold winter months. It’s products that I’ve enjoyed using and these products have been part of my daily and nightly routine.

Let’s get into it…

1. Sanex Dermo Pro Hydrate Shower Cream

I always love changing up my shower gels, but what I particularly enjoy about this shower gel is that it restores your skin’s natural PH and it’s super moisturising and clearly states it is for VERY DRY SKIN. It is also dermatologically tested. You can find this shower cream at Clicks, Dis-Chem and really just anywhere.


2. Elancyl Energizing Foaming Scrub

What is better than a scrub to really get your skin silky smooth? I’ve been loving this body scrub form Elancyl. It contains exfoliating particles of vegetal origin and ivy extract to tone the skin. This is a double whammy ladies- toned skin and radiant, velvety soft skin- YAAAASSSS. I purchased mine at Dis-Chem.


3. Avene TriXera Nutrition Face And Body Lotion

Avene has honestly become one of my FAVOURITE skincare brands. Mainly because it caters for sensitive skin and their products contain Thermal Spring Water which has so many benefits. This lotion is super fluidy, but smells subtly fresh and is hydrating for dry sensitive skin. There is a shower gel too in this range and you can read all about their amazing products here. I purchased mine at Dis-Chem.


4. Eucerin Urea Repair

After cleansing my face with a moisturising cleanser (I’ll chat more about my cleanser in another blog post soon), I love using a moisturiser that leaves my face hydrated and soft like a baby’s bottom. The Urea Repair from Eucerin obviously contains Urea- 5% to be exact and I can honestly say this has been one of the most moisturising face creams I have ever used. It works beautifully under my makeup and keeps my skin supple. This moisturiser will also be featuring in another blog post soon- so stay tuned! Once again- purchased at Dis-Chem.


5. Vaseline Lip Therapy

Super hydrating! I use the Rosy Lips for some added pink tint and also love the Aloe one, even though it is not tinted. You guys, we all know how great Vaseline is and these lippies are definitely what you need in your life. And don’t worry, it isn’t too greasy. Purchased at Dis-Chem too but I’m sure you’ll find it at lots of different stores. (P.s. I have a Dis-Chem problem.)


6. Hand cream, hand cream, and some more hand cream

My hands get super dry and cracked during winter and it’s not a cute look. I have a ton of different hand creams that I always carry in my handbag, but I need to mention one hand cream that I always have with me around the house- an oldie, but a goldie- Ingram’s Original Camphor Cream. Yes, it’s got quite a strong smell, but I find it quite pleasant, but WOW this cream really restores my dry hands and it’s super rich which I love. Definitely my skin doctor.


And that’s a wrap- 6 products that will get your skin through these icy winter months.

Stay warm and remember,

Bee FAB, Stay FAB




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