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A Day In The Life of FAB By Bee

Hello there…

Today I decided to write a different kind of blog post… A day in my life.

Now let me first say that most days are very different for me. No two days are the same and I’m actually very grateful for that. Some days feel more chilled, while other days are super crazy and overwhelming. I’m not even going to mention the adulting part of having your own home where cleaning and laundry are involved okurr?! I’ll try and write about what an average day looks like for me. Enjoy 🙂

My Morning

I usually wake up at 8 a.m, grab a bowl of cereal and go through Instagram and Facebook. I love taking my mornings slow and easy as I’m not much of a morning person. I then take a shower and all that jazz and get dressed. I then get my diary and I plan what needs to be done for the day. I LOVE making a list of things that need to get done and then ticking it off- I feel super productive!

The laptop is switched on and I normally start with admin- checking emails and responding. After, I then log onto my website, check what needs to be updated blog wise and store wise. I do stock-take and update stock. Orders are then processed on my online store and packaged. The orders are then collected by my chosen courier. I won’t lie, being a one-man show is no joke- but so rewarding! I love seeing my online store grow each and every day and getting feedback from my customers- it honestly makes my day!

After all the “Shop” side of FAB by bee I then sometimes prepare a blog post where I write my draft and then take photos for the blog post and add it all together. I also take some time to prepare social media posts, both for my personal blog account and my store account.

My Afternoon

At about 12 or after, I then eat lunch- always something healthy and filling like avo and cottage cheese on toast or rice cakes with some spinach on the side for example. After lunch- back to the laptop. I freelance for brands and create content, so depending on the brief, I’m either writing content and finalizing it and then sending it to the client. Or it’s a day where something needs to be filmed, edited and sent to the brand. It’s always different and that’s what I enjoy. Working with different brands definitely fuels my creativity as each brand has different identities and qualities.

I also do some online work for my husbands business and there is something exciting that we’ve been working on that will launch very soon!

After all the content that needs to get done, I then maybe have some fruit or a bar to snack on and hit the gym either in the afternoon or sometimes in the evening.

My evening

I prepare dinner for hubby and we spend some time together, catching up on how the day went. After, while hubby is playing Xbox, I clean the kitchen and take a shower. I love pampering myself, so I’ll do a face mask, whiten my teeth and then get into bed and read something or go on YouTube. I must confess though, that I do sometimes get work done in the evening, in bed (like this blog post). Sometimes the day can get a little crazy with unexpected curve balls and errands that never end so I like to try and get some work in before I sleep-although I do feel that a person should switch off after a certain time and just take the evening to relax because tomorrow is a new day.

That is where I feel like freelancing and having your own online business can get tricky. You’re working from home- so you never stop! But there are more perks though…

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed what an average day in my life looks like minus the errands and cleaning 🙂

Chat soon!

Bee FAB, Stay FAB




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